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When a male will enrich your life, you usually face a big challenge with the choice of name.

The selection is infinite and added that every male is something very special and unique by his personality.

Males deserve a very special name that suits them.

Here you will find a huge selection of modern, classic, old, unusual, funny and international names for your male.

Popular dog names for males our top 100

Top dog names for males-Lord-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The patron, The Lord-fits well with males with distinct protective instinct and territorial behavior

Top dog names for males-Kalle-namen-finder.com


Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: The omniscient, the wise or “king”-the name is right especially for intelligent males

Top dog names for males-Willi-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The strong protecting-fits well with idiosyncratic dogs with protector instinct

Top dog names for males-Amigo-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The friend-fits well with human-related dogs of all breeds and types

Top dog names for males-Adonis-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Lord, The ruler but also the beautiful-fits well with males with impressive fur drawing or athletic physique

Top dog names for males-Rex-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The Cheap-perfect for sublime dog characters

Top dog names for males-strays-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The vagabond-fits well with mixed breed dogs and freedom-loving characters

Top dog names for males-Bailey-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The administrator, The supervisor-fits well with loyal watchdogs

Top dog names for males-Spike-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The lace, The thorn with a name-call reference to special fur or character traits, such as posed fur or lively, playful character

Top dog names for males-Mogli-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: No roll call reference refers to the Jungle Book, which is why orphaned males are just as suitable for the name as little wild puppies

Top dog names for males-Nicki-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The Friendly, The Generous, The Merciful-perfect for love-needy dogs with empathetic behaviour

Top dog names for males-moth-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: Colloquially of woke, The Funny-suits dogs well with a lot of joie de vivre

Top dog names for males-Tasso-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The dragon or “the shiny like the day”-especially popular name for hunting dogs

Top dog names for males-Merlin-namen-finder.com


Origin: Dutch

Meaning: The magician-goes well with clever quiet dog species

Top dog names for males-Figaro-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: The hairdresser, The hair artist-goes well with males with conspicuous fur growth, such as Afgahnen, Bergamacos or Pulis

Top dog names for males-Simba-namen-finder.com


Origin: African

Meaning: The king-fits well with males with pronounced possession behavior and the likes to cuddle

Top dog names for males-Amadeus-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The one loved by God-goes great with dogs from devout keepers and/or Mozart fans

Top dog names for males-Picasso-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The magpies (very talkative) are ideal for dogs who like to communicate by volume or also to draw attention to actions.

Top dog names for males-Carlos-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The man-fits well with dogs with strength as well as adventurous spirit and gentle, loyal companions

Top dog names for males-Buddy-namen-finder.com


Origin: American

Meaning: The friend-optimal name for gelassesn, loyal males

Top dog names for males-Casar-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The ruler, The King-fits well with dominant males

Top dog names for males-Freddy-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The peaceful ruler-fits well with abandoned dogs, which are really perched in the event of “danger,” such as Rottweiler or Beagles

Top dog names for males-Pluto-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The rich-fits especially well for dogs that have a lot of something, such as Beagle’s long ears, greyhound long legs or Shih Tzu long fur

Top dog names for males-Hasso-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The Hesse-fits with Hesse’s most popular dog breeds, as well as the name is very popular for sheepdogs.

Top dog names for males-Klaus-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The winner of the people-is ideal for high-willed dogs

Top dog names for males-Archilles-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The pain-especially the strong will

Top dog names for males-Robby-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The Romanian or the Shiny-fits perfectly with dogs with a pronounced self-confidence

Top dog names for males-Prince-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The first-fits as a name well firstborn males and/or dogs with dominant character

Top dog names for males-Roy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Irish

Meaning: The red, the redhead-goes well with red-haired fur noses, such as cocker spaniel or apricot poodles

Top dog names for males-Baron-namen-finder.com


Origin: Germanic

Meaning: The Lord, The Warrior-as a title of nobility, he is ideal for Germanic dog breeds, such as Dobermann, Weimaraner, Shepherds or dachshunds

Top dog names for males-Mozart-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: Power of thought and “the swamp”-fits well with creative dogs who like to roll in the dirt

Top dog names for males-Cooper-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: Colloquially “glotauge”-strong comic figure-goes well with muscular dogs

Top dog names for males-Pepe-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The coming in-fits perfectly with Spanish dog breeds as well as relaxed males

Top dog names for males-Shaggy-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The troupe, The Tottelige-the name fits perfectly with dogs with struppy and shot-like fur according to its meaning

Top dog names for males-Pacco-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The little Frenchman-fits perfectly with small French dog breeds, like French bulldog

Top dog names for males-Quincy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The five-born or “born in the fifth month”

Top dog names for males-Harry-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The ruler, The ruler of the estate-fits well with watchdogs

Top dog names for males-Champion-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The winner-goes well with lively dog types

Top dog names for males-Zeus-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Father of all gods-fits well with powerful dogs with protective instinct

Top dog names for males-Rusty-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The small red-fits well with small dog breeds with reddish fur

Top dog names for males-Tyson-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: The Brennede-goes well with spirited dog puppies

Top dog names for males-Baxter-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The baker-goes well with bigger males

Top dog names for males-tequila-namen-finder.com


Origin: Mexican

Meaning: Place of delivery-fits all dog types running agile through life

Top dog names for males-Schiller-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: Well-known poet-goes well with intelligent dogs

Top dog names for males-Finn-namen-finder.com


Origin: Nordic

Meaning: The whiteness, The Pure-fits well with bright-colored dogs

Top dog names for males-Sultan-namen-finder.com


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: The ruler-very stuck with fighting dogs like Pitbulls

Top dog names for males-Clyde-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: First name-derived from Bonny & Clyde-suits brave dogs

Top dog names for males-Fly-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The Flying-goes well with dogs with good bounce like border collies

Top dog names for males-Moritz-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The dark-skinned-ideal for dark-colored males

Top dog names for males-Blacky-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The black-ideally suited for dogs with black fur

Top dog names for males-Gino-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The Celestial King-fits well with noble breeds noble sex and/or with dignified, generous males

Top dog names for males-Duke-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The Duke-goes well with elegant, large dogs such as beigelike Hungarian head dog or Doberman

Top dog names for males-Sir Henry-namen-finder.com

Sir Henry

Origin: English

Meaning: The nobleman-fits well with purebred dogs of noble lines

Top dog names for males-Victor-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The winner-fits well with small and big fighters

Top dog names for males-Jack-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The God-favored, The God Pargnaest-fits perfectly with Jack Russels, but also especially well with mixed breed dogs

Top dog names for males-Oskar-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The one as God’s spear dienede-goes well with cheeky males

Top dog names for males-Cookie-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The biscuit-goes well with males falling over their food

Top dog names for males-Murphy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Irish

Meaning: The seal or The sea warrior-goes well with water-loving dogs

Top dog names for males-Castor-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The cooker-fit well with a male in whose litter there are only two males

Top dog names for males-Dusty-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The dusty, dusty, dirty-fits very well with males that have a dust-gray color or like to roll in the dirt

Top dog names for males-Brutus-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The heaviness or stump people-goes well with heavy dog breeds, such as German Dogge and strong-willed males

Top dog names for males-Bentley-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Relevance: New Indian, noble first name-fits elongated, smaller breeds of dogs

Top dog names for males-Paul-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The Little, The Younger

Top dog names for males-Speedy-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The fast-suitable for small, nimble males

Top dog names for males-Bello-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The Beautiful-fits well with small dogs

Top dog names for males-Friedolin-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The Peaceful-suitable for calm males

Top dog names for males-Herby-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old German

Meaning: Who belongs to the strong army-fits well with agile dog types

Top dog names for males-Anton-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The invaluable, The Value, The Prize-worthy-fits well with frosted dogs or males with well-groomed long hair

Top dog names for males-Billy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old German

Meaning: The willing, The Determined-fits well with small self-weary males with shacturous instinct

Top dog names for males-Sam-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The sun requested by God and the small sun-fits well with small, loving dog puppies

Top dog names for males-Apollo-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The Destroyer, The Destroyer-especially popular with dogs with strong bite power

Top dog names for males-Filou-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: The Schlingel, The Lausbub-ideal name for small or medium-sized dogs that like to make nonsense

Top dog names for males-Hugo-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The rich thought, The Sensual-fits well with intelligent dogs

Top dog names for males-Jumper-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The jumper, the bouncer-fits well with males who jump a lot or have a great bounce

Top dog names for males-Snoppy-namen-finder.com


Origin: American

Meaning: The sniffing-fits well with dogs with pronounced hunting instinct or with black-and-white drawn dogs, such as border collies

Top dog names for males-Whisky-namen-finder.com


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: The joie de vivre-goes well with males with a lot of playing and running rivals

Top dog names for males-Zorro-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The crafty fox-goes very well with fox colored and/or smart, clever dogs

Top dog names for males-Tobi-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The goodness-fits perfectly with child-loving family dogs

Top dog names for males-Hero-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The hero-fits well with males with protector instinct

Top dog names for males-Aaron-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Fighter

Top dog names for males-Bounty-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The generous-fits well with patient dogs

Top dog names for males-Benji-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Son of Happiness-past good to dogs that spread joy and make you happy

Top dog names for males-Max-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The biggest-fits well with small dogs with great need for validity

Top dog names for males-Gigolo-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: The single dancer or the seducer-fits well with dogs with a lot of charm, whose eyes bewitch

Top dog names for males-Benny-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The son of happiness-fits well with males spreading happiness and good lows

Top dog names for males-Chico-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The boy-fits well with playful dogs

Top dog names for males-Luis-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The Winner, The Wise-perfectly fitting name for males who had poor chances of survival after litter

Top dog names for males-Timmy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The Honorable-fits well with proud dogs

Top dog names for males-Sunny-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The Sunny-goes well with joyful males

Top dog names for males-Charly-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old German

Meaning: The Honorary Man, The Free Man-fits well with dogs with strong freedom drive

Top dog names for males-Tom-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The twin-fits well with dogs where there were only two males in the litter

Top dog names for males-Balu-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The bear-fits well to well-nourished, brand-like dogs

Top dog names for males-Rocky-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The difficult but also the roar end-very blistering as a “battle name” for boxers and fits well for idiosyncratic “multi-bellers”

Top dog names for males-Sammy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The sun requested by God and the small sun-fits well with small, loving dog puppies

Top dog names for males-Ben-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The blessed-fits every dog species

Top dog names for males-Lucky-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The lucky one-fits very well with joyful, playful males