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When a bodice will enrich your life, you usually face a huge challenge with the choice of name.

The choice is infinite and in addition, every cat is something very special and unique due to its personality.

Kitties deserve a very special name that suits them.

Here you will find a huge selection of modern, classic, old, unusual, funny and international names for your cat.

Popular cat names for Kitties our top 100

Cat names for kitten-Tilda-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The Mighty, The Fighter-the name fits well with confidently performing cats with strong will


Cat names for kitten-Akira-namen-finder.com


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: The light, the end of the beam-the cat name actually suitable for brightly-colored animals with a lot of joie de vivre

Cat names for kitten-Mandy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The amorable-the name goes well with devouring and clinging cats

Cat names for kitten-Fara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The travelers-fits well with cats that are much outside and/or roam the surrounding area

Cat names for kitten-Tapsi-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The end of the tapes that go on quiet soles-the name is ideal for quiet and serene cat ladies

Cat names for kitten-Amber-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The amber colored-the name is ideal for amber-colored or light brown cats

Cat names for kitten-Elli-namen-finder.com


Origin: Germanic

Meaning: The bright glossy or the gorgeous-goes well with light-haired cats and elegant animals

Cat names for kitten-Dakota-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The girlfriend, The Allies-is ideal for human-related, welded cats

Cat names for kitten-Xara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Kurdish

Meaning: The Beautiful-A name that underlines the scöneness of a cat and is accordingly ideal for pretty velvet paws as well as racial cats

Cat names for kitten-Nancy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The graceful, the spreading, the gracious-the name is especially popular for patient, quiet cats

Cat names for kittens-Abigail-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The father delights-the name is ideal for lively cats that exude a lot of joy

Cat names for kittens-Merle-namen-finder.com


Origin: Dutch

Meaning: The sorceress-goes well with clever, quieter cats

Cat names for kitten-Fibi-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The blasting end, the pure, the luminous-cats with shiny fur, the name stands particularly well

Cat names for kitten-Alegra-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The funny, the cheerful-the name goes perfectly with playful, lively cats

Cat names for kitten-Bianca-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The whiteness, the glossy-fits especially with a very graceful, gentle cat

Cat names for kitten-Kelopatra-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: Rum of father-goes well with cats that resemble their father

Cat names for kitten-Calina-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: The tender-an optimal name for welded parlour cats

Cat names for kitten-Queen-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The Queen-goes well with unruly as well as noble breed cats

Cat names for kitten-Tinka-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The pure, the beautiful-the name is very popular for all types and types of cats

Cat names for kitten-Oliva-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The peacemaker, the Peaceful-For call-seeking and sluggish cats, the name is ideal

Cat names for kitten-Anastasia-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The ascends-the name is suitable for gentle velvet paws ebeonso as well as for elegant animals

Cat names for kittens-Zara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The flower, the mistress, princess-the name is ideal for little beauties with strong self-confidence

Cat names for kitten-Aphrodite-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The Beautiful, the Loving-a fitting name for proud breed cats

Cat names for kitten-Gibsy-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The gypsy-goes great with cats that don’t last long in one place and move through the neighborhood

Cat names for kitten-Violetta-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The little violin-the name is popular with smaller cats ebso, as it is suitable for cats with bluish shimmering fur

Cat names for kitten-Paula-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The beautiful or the little one, the younger-the name goes well with smaller cats and/or last thrown cat babies

Cat names for kitten-Bambina-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The little girl-the name fits perfectly with small, playful, lively cats

Cat names for kitten-Ashley-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The one from the ash grove-the name fits perfectly for small strays, which it always pulls into nature

Cat names for kitten-Ricarda-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The bold, the powerful, the hard-the name is especially suitable for cats that cannot be quickly brought out of peace

Cat names for kitten-Angel-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The angel-the name goes perfectly with small, loving dingy cats

Cat names for kitten-Betsy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The one sanctified by God-an optimal name for a cat in a religious household

Cat names for kitten-Afra-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The African woman-the name is ideal for dark-colored cats or African breeds such as the Savannah cat

Cat names for kitten-Cassy-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The brave, the watchful-goes well with strong characters

Cat names for kitten-Paloma-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The dove or the virgin-a suitable name for freedom-loving cats who are not fond of being harried

Cat names for kitten-Dipsy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Russian

Meaning: A typical Russian surname became a fashion name for animals that fits well, especially for playful and/or Siberian cats

Cat names for kitten-Celine-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The Moon Princess, the Celestial-fits well with cats that are intelligent and loving

Cat names for kitten-Ophelia-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The helptive-the name fits particularly well for sensitive cats looking for people

Cat names for kitten-Nele-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The strong or “blue” in the Indian-the name fits perfectly with cats with bluish shimmering fur, the carcage cats, as well as cats with strong self-confidence

Cat names for kitten-Shiva-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The promising or the love, the kind – the name is ideal for affectionate, dear cats as well as for cats that give their keepers happiness and joy

Cat names for kitten-June-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: June – the June born – inclined name for cats born in June

Cat names for kitten-Cassandra-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The brave, the watchful-the name goes well with cats with strong character or Siamese cats, the guardians of temples

Cat names for kitten-Lissy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The vont God summoned-fits well with cats that didn’t have an easy time giving birth

Cat names for kitten-Amanda-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The amorable-the name goes well with welded, affectionate cats

Cat names for kitten-Olga-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The saint, the healthy-suits cats that brim with health through a glass coat and a well-shaped girth

Cat names for kitten-Bibi-namen-finder.com


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: The sublime, the divine-the cat name is great for stately grown, large animals

Cat names for kitten-Versace-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: World-renowned fashion company – as a cat name, “Versace” is gaining popularity and is particularly suitable for elegant cat breeds such as Siamese and Persian cats

Cat names for kitten-Yuna-namen-finder.com


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: D ie longed to be desired – fitting name for first cat in house or first racial cat

Cat names for kitten-Wanda-namen-finder.com


Origin: Germanic

Meaning: The Princess of Peace and Harmony-an ideal name for cats with peaceful behavior and/or elegant appearance

Cat names for kitten-Penelope-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Unknown”-the name finds bligethness especially with elegant cat breeds

Cat names for kitten-Virginia-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The Virgin, the Girl-the name goes perfectly with little cats

Cat names for kitten-Diva-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The Divine-suitable name for unruly cats

Cat names for kitten-Carla-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The glossy, the outstanding-fits well with cats with shiny hair small and/or for high-willed animals, who are also looking for a lot of uplift

Cat names for kitten-Pinky-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The beauty, the sweetness or the healthy-the name goes well with active cats with shiny fur and strong stature

Cat names for kitten-Tara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The star-the name goes perfectly with elegant, pretty cats

Cat names for kitten-Betty-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: ‘ My God is fullness ‘-the name suits cats whose keeper is religious

Cat names for kitten-Samira-namen-finder.com


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: ‘ The white-skinned girl with red cheeks ‘ or ‘ the white queen ‘ – the name is perfect for red and white cats who stumble elegantly around

Cat names for kitten-Tiffany-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The one that appears to God-the name is good for animals with shiny fur and patient behavior

Cat names for kitten-Mara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The bitter-fits particularly well with moody cats

Cat names for kitten-Zahira-namen-finder.com


Origin: Syrian

Importance: The little one-fits perfectly. Small cat breeds, such as Singpura, Munchkin or Bombay

Cat names for kitten-Alice-namen-finder.com


Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The noble, the nobleman-goes well with cats with a noble shape

Cat names for kitten-Sissi-namen-finder.com


Origin: Austrian

Meaning: The Empress – the name is great for “majestic” cats, which captivate with their beauty and cheerfulness


Cat names for kitts-Mina-namen-finder.com


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: The flower, the jewel-fits perfectly with the Turkish Angora cat


Cat names for kitten-Shanti-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The Quiet, the peaceful – the name goes well with relaxed, sleepy cats with a prudent character



Cat names for kitten-Ramira-namen-finder.com


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: D ie Archer or the Army Leader – the name goes well with permissions and strong-willed cats



Cat names for kitten-Romy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The recalcitrant – optimal choice of name for small scratch brushes and strong-willed cats


Cat names for kitten-Batida-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Beat (cocktail)-goes well with cats with cheeky witty, spirited behaviour


Cat names for kitten-Tamara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The lovely pearl – the name is very suitable for the Siberian cat but also for other elegant species

Cat names for kitten-Katinka-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The Pure, the Innocent – goes well with innocent round-looking cats

Cat names for kitten-Fluffi-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The cute or flying – goes well with sweet parlour tigers with a light gait image


Cat names for kittens-Zora-namen-finder.com


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Dawn-the name is perfect for copper and apricot-colored cats


Cat names for kitten-Mila-namen-finder.com


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Love, the pleasant-goes well with quiet, exuberant and dingy cats

Cat names for kitten-Lilo-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The fullness (the filler)-the name goes well with corpulent cats

Cat names for kitten-Cleopatra-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The one famous by the fame of the father-this name fits for Sphynx cats, but also for particularly striking beauties, such as Bengal, Carthage or Burma cats

Cat names for kitten-Debbie-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The bee-fits well with agile cats of curious nature

Cat names for tenrows-Baghira-namen-finder.com


Origin: Indian

Meaning: The tiger or black panthers (Jungle Book)-fits perfectly with human-related cats with family connection as well as, of course, with black fur

Cat names for kitten-Leila-namen-finder.com


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: The way-ideal for intelligent cats and especially for Turkish angora

Cat names for kitten-fairy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The lucky, the successful-fits well smaller cats with a balanced character and which are in need of protection

Cat names for kitten-Cindy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The gosting of the moon-fits well with cats with pronounced urge to play and hunting drive

Cat names for kitten-Amelie-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: The great, the brave-fits perfectly with cat ladies with a lively character

Cat names for kitten-Emily-namen-finder.com


Origin: English

Meaning: The imitative, the gentle-fits well with loving cat babies with family connection

Cat names for kitten-Coco-namen-finder.com


Origin: French

Meaning: Goes well with bright, playful cats

Cat names for kitten-Lara-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The talking or the lovely-fits well with cats with a versatile character

Cat names for kitten-Emma-namen-finder.com


Origin: Germanic

Meaning: The powerful, the wonderful-fits well with large cat species that like to smuop

Cat names for kitten-SHila-namen-finder.com


Origin: Persian

Meaning: The gemstone-perfect anem for Persian cats

Cat names for kitten-Amy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The lover, the Gerngete-the name is ideal for ornate cats integrated into the families

Cat names for kittens-namen-finder.com


Origin: Ancient Greek

Meaning: The Pure, the Sincere-optimal name for white cats

Cat names for kitten-Bella-namen-finder.com


Origin: Italian

Meaning: The Beautiful-matching name for nicely drawn parlour tigers

Cat names for kitts-Minka-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The willing, the determined-fits well with bold and dominant cat types

Cat names for kitten-Mimi-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The bitterly-Since in Japanese there is a reference to cult cat Kitty, the name fits well with all playful cats, but in terms of the actual meaning, also to scratch-brushed types

Cat names for kitten-Nala-namen-finder.com


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The lioness-goes well with cats with light brown, apricot-colored fur

Cat names for kitten-Lucy-namen-finder.com


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The glossy, the bright-the name is ideal for all lighting

Cat names for kitten-Luna-namen-finder.com


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The moon-perfect name for night active and/or black-colored cats, such as Bombay

Cat names for kitten-Lilly-namen-finder.com


Origin: German

Meaning: The lily-fits well with all cat species, especially types with different characteristics