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How to find the right girl name

If you expect young talent and can look forward to a little girl, you will soon face the important question of what name the new family member should wear.

There are many inspirations, the list of popular girls ‘ names is long and the rest of the family wants to have their say.

Godparents, grandparents, siblings and aunts-everyone has their own taste and their own idea which name is chic and which is out of the question at all.

Modern, traditional or unusual?
And what does the partner even say about the desired name?

Finding a maiden name is not so easy.

That’s why our girl name guide from Namen-finder.com will help you with this

Limit the selection?

Without a plan, it will be difficult to find the right one from the huge selection of beautiful names.

Therefore, it is best to think with your partner in which rough direction you want to go and what is out of the question for you.

Often it helps when you fly over the many different names on the Internet.

So you find out what pleases and what doesn’t.

Old names, Nordic names or very popular names-first finds a tendency to narrow down the possibilities.

Not all names for girls please you equally well, so it’s best to proceed in the selection process.

Names that don’t like you at all or go in a direction that are not for you fall away.

The list is reduced a little before, but the path to the perfect name for your daughter is not yet over.

How many first names should they be?

Today, children are no longer called Klaus-Peter or Roswitha-Gertrude, but still some parents love the sound of a beautiful name combination.

A very traditional version is a double name for a girl, which consists of a selected name and the name of a relative or the baptismal godmother.

Here you have to pay a little attention, the second name is modern and contemporary, both names together can yield the call name.

But if you only want to do your mother or aunt a favor, although their name does not actually fit into the present time and you do not like it, then you only have the possibility to enter a name as a call name.

The other name-or several other first names-is listed in the birth certificate and later in the ID card, but is not used in everyday life.

A harmonic-sounding first name is also a good solution if you and your partner can’t decide between two or maybe three or four names to choose from. More than five names must not be.

On the popularity scale?

Popular girl names are often given.

Lea, Marie or Sophie are examples of how quickly a hype around a name arises.

So it may be that in the kindergarten group, several girls are called Emma, Mia or Laura.

Original, therefore, such a name is not and often it annoys the offspring at some point to be called the same as four other children in the school class.

On the list of the most popular first names you will find the hottest names for girls at the moment.

If you like one of them, you can shortlist it for you.

You can also use the popularity scale to avoid just that. Swipe such overly commonly used names from your list.

This ensures that your baby gets a rarer name and is later the only Selma, Sandra or Karina in the circle of friends.

The danger here is that the name is too fancy and makes for hand-wringing. Exotic names are therefore to be treated with caution, they usually have to be spelled-in the end they are still misspelled.


They were once popular, were often forgiven in certain regions or walks of life, and earned their reputations.

The unfine term for this is sublayer names, which is tantamount to low schooling and little perspective in life.

Many comedians and writers ride this wave and make sure that the perennial burner does not tear off in terms of prejudice against names.

Anyone who calls their daughter Cheyenne, Shania or Chantal today does her no favours.

The negative afflicence of such names is simply too big, quickly a Jaqueline becomes an underperforming or lazy student who certainly has ADHD and comes from difficult backgrounds.

When choosing the right name, you have to consider whether your favorite is not fraught with a bad reputation and you would expose your child to unnecessary ridicule.

Positive names?

But the famous chantalism also goes in the other direction.

If you are looking for a name for your daughter, there are many positive possibilities.

Names make people-and some names are just so brimming with energy and sympathy.

So while you’re more likely to amuse a Mandy these days, Helena is associated with beauty, cleverness and charm.

And that’s without even having a look at the girl in question.

The reputation of such a name is enormous and positive expectations are never wrong.

Watch out and choose wisely, you could do your baby with the right name a big favor.

Meaning of names?

The meaning is important!

Most names have a meaning of which hardly anyone knows.

It’s nice when the name means something positive like wisdom or cleverness.

Traditionally, certain characteristics have been given to a newborn, which is still firmly anchored in many cultures today.

Therefore, you have to check exactly what it means, especially with an international name.

The most prominent example of such name-calling gone wrong is Suri Cruise.

Her parents thought Suri meant princess, which is partly true. In Japanese, however, the name means pickpocket-not such a good choice for a little girl.

The popular name Amelie also has its pitfalls.
In pathology, this is the term for the absence of arms and legs.

So it’s definitely worth checking the wish names closely, having a name changed in hindsight is hard.

The sound of the name?

Many names only look beautiful on paper.

Speak the name out loud, call it, or whisper it quietly to know what the sound sounds like in your ears.

Imagine you’re in the playground, how would the name sound there?

Or what would it be like if later the teacher at school called your child?

A first name should always fit the surname.

As a rule of thumb, the surname is short, the first name may be longer and vice versa.

Both names should harmonize with each other and it is best not to be able to make fun combinations or rhymes.

Claire Grube is the best-known example of such a combination that has gone down her pants.

One name allowed is Marie-Johanna.

As a precaution, however, registrar officials point out the similarity to the word “marijuana” in this combination. Especially if the name is pronounced quickly.

In addition to the full name, you also have to pay attention to the initials.

After all, WC, OO, NSA or other abbreviations should not result in them, because this, too, sometimes leads to laughter and handings.

Crazy names from around the world

Some parents love their sports club so much that the offspring has to be called Borussia.

Others choose as names Porsche, Fanta or Tarzan.

The reasons for its naming are often ununderstandable to many and actually the naming right protects against the name carrier being subjected to ridicule or ridicule.

But this is always a question of discretion and recently it is allowed to call his child Judas.

It’s okay if you’re into fancy or crazy names, but maybe the name Ikea or Snow White does better with a pet than a child.

Such names are a statement, without question, but they also unfortunately lead to children who are so called having to keep struggling with their self-esteem.

An original name can also be something very beautiful.

Rarity is important so that several children do not turn their heads at the same time when you call your Lea or your Emily.

Exotic, it can also be a little a little.

Inessa or Lale are pretty names, provided they fit the last name.

And last but not least, appearance should play a role.

As a result, it often happens that parents suddenly give a very different name than planned after the birth of your child.

The blonde and tender offspring may look more like a Merle than a Seraphina.

The dark-haired and propere girl, on the other hand, is not a femke, but rather an Allegra.

Cute names?

Many parents are scarred in your baby and find it so cute that even the name has to match the sweet little being and should be just as cute.

The child will eventually grow up bigger and older and, most importantly,.

Then it is not only embarrassing in private life when one is called a fairy or a cloud, but also in professional life it has a rather negative effect.

Especially in very conservative professions, such names can quickly lead to a frown and even hurt success.

A lawyer with the first name Bluebell seems untrustworthy.

If you choose a name for your child, make sure that he does not put stones in his way for life.

Foreign language names are popular in some regions and also in certain social classes.

If the first name then fits the surname is not objected to, original names are always.

But a Gina Coralee miller or a Beverly Huber are likely to become less happy with their name.

Tips and tricks

It is best not to think too long, often the first spontaneous inspiration is the best and is chosen after a long thought anyway.

Listen to your heart and your partner, but not to the whole family, friends, acquaintances or work colleagues.

Everyone has their own favourite name.

It is important to find out which yours is and what you want to call your daughter.

Name books or lists on the Internet can be helpful.

You and your partner should first study the suggestions separately, tick different names and then discuss them with each other.

Don’t be pressured.

You best hide statements like “What you don’t have a name yet??”

In the end, you can still decide if you hold your baby in your arms.

And even then, you have a few more days until the birth is certified at the registry office and a final name has to be established.

Giving up to fancy names is better.

These names are hard to write for elementary school students and may lead to negative experiences.