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How to find the right dog name

A young dog you take over as a puppy needs a name.

He listens to this name throughout his life and is no different from man in it.

The dog name selection is very large and you are spoilt for choice.

With the dog name guide from Namen-finder.com will certainly find the right name for your dog, you will also find many useful tips and tricks for dogs here.

The dog a lifelong companion?

Ideally, you only choose a dog name if you take over the animal as a puppy.

If the dog has been alive for a long time and obeys a name, he is closely associated with it.

Even if you don’t like this name, it is recommended to keep it.

You will make it easier for your new pet to get used to it.

If you do not agree with the dog name selection of the previous owner, you can also give the animal a new name.

In this case, however, you need to teach patience.

Your animal needs to understand that it now has to respond to another name.

Just imagine getting a new name.

It takes time to get used to it.

Maybe you would never get used to it either.

For this reason, you should not make the decision for a new name lightly.

Only if you cannot live with the previous name, you should rename the animal.

Choose a name for your young puppy that suits him.

You are often out with your dog and you get to know new people about the animal for sure.

It is uncomfortable if you have to constantly justify yourself for the whale of your dog name.

Ultimately, it’s your decision.

Choosing a dog name can be easily compared to choosing a boy’s or girl’s name.

You and your child, with a few exceptions, have to spend their lives with their names.

This also applies to your dog.

Therefore, choose the name carefully.

WElk things should you pay attention when choosing the dog’s name?

Before you deal with special dog names that you like, it is important that you consider some practical things.

You communicate with your dog via orders and commands.

If your animal is well behaved, it will obey these orders.

You will call your animal very often.
This is the only way the animal knows that it is meant.

You should link the selection of the dog name to some practical considerations. Choose a short and memorable name.

One or two syllables can be called very well and can also be strongly expressed if this is necessary.

Refrain from tongue twisters that are difficult to pronounce.

This is especially true when smaller children live in your household.

Children love dogs, and most of them develop a deep friendship with the animal.

Early on, the children learn to guide the animal and also to educate a little.

This may not work well if the child is very difficult to pronounce the name.

A dog name may be easy.

But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to listen well.

There are a variety of names to choose from that are simple but still particularly beautiful.

Which names are suitable for your dog?

There are a variety of dog names that are suitable to accompany the animal for a lifetime.

If you get a little puppy, it’s a good idea if you first allow yourself a bit of time with the choice of name.

Get to know your animal first.

Deal with him. Try to teach him first rules. Look how your animal reacts.

Like humans, the dogs have different reaction behaviors, which also affects facial expressions, among other things.

This individual facial expressions of your animal may have a chance to influence the choice of name.

So you can make sure that the name will really suit your animal.

There are a variety of dog breeds, and these differ by their size, among other things.

When you buy the puppy, you know how big the animal is expected to get.

It’s a good idea if you tune the dog name to your animal’s height.

A variety of names sound very cute and they also fit well with a dog.

But this is the case, for example, with names ending up on the letter I that they seem small and cute. For this reason, you should give such a name to even a small animal.

Large dogs are welcome to have well-sounding and robust names.

The name may sound strong or a bit derb. In any case, try to adjust the name to the character and stature of your animal.

Then you have made the right choice and will become very happy with your dog name.

Even if the dog names should be suitable, it is and will remain a very individual decision, which you should make with a lot of care.

Your dog doesn’t have to get a name on the first day.

Better it is, you will allow yourself some time than to change the dog name later or to be annoyed every time you call your dog.

Why not choose popular dog names?

You certainly want to give your dog a name that is not only good to call, but that is also popular and modern.

With these dog names, however, there is a problem you should know.

As with the popular names for newborn boys and girls, popular names for a dog are very often forgiven.

If you are now on the road with your animal in the park or in the forest while playing and romping, the probability is very high that another dog will be called that way.

This can give some problems if you want to communicate with your animal and feel at the same time a different animal is being approached.

In any case, in this way already beautiful friendships or even acquaintances between dog owners have already developed.

However, there may also be situations that are a little difficult.

This may be the case when two animals, which are a little aggressive, rub up against each other.

Then you have to step in as a master.

You have stress, so do your animal, and these situations can’t occur with a unique dog name in the first place.

Dog names that are popular can be changed by you a little or emphasized differently.

In this way, too, it is possible to give your animal an individual name, although it is often worn by other dogs.

You can also simply change a letter or hang one at the back.

There are no rules, so you have the opportunity to let your imagination run absolutely wild.

Female or male, choose the name after sex

While it’s not a duty, it’s a really good idea if you give your dog a name that matches its gender.

For many dog owners, this is a given.

Others don’t pay such attention.

If you don’t have a really unique idea for a dog name that you absolutely want to implement, then choose a name that fits the male or the.

Female dog names like to end on the letter A.

This is how you express that you have chosen a.

Male dog names can have a variety of endings.

Perhaps you should avoid the letters A or I if possible.

Instead of your male, choose a powerful name that is short and that can be called very well.

Of course, there are a variety of gender-neutral names for dogs that you can give to both a male and a.

Over the years you spend with your dog, however, you will find that a name adapted to the gender of your animal has many advantages.

With the Gassi, you will certainly often talk to other dog owners, and you do not have to make any statements.

This is especially helpful if your male is casual and not neutered.

With the call of the name, you bring your animal to rest, and the other dog owner immediately knows how to react.

Human names for dogs?

Since you are completely free to choose the name for your dog, you do not necessarily have to choose a human name.

You can do it though, and many names are very good for dogs. Especially old German names like Otto or Ben are often chosen for dogs.

Eva or Lia can also be heard frequently when someone has a.

In any case, make sure that the human names are short and evocative.

In addition, it is advantageous if no one from the family or from the close circle of friends is called.

What is perhaps well-intentioned cannot sometimes be understood in this way.

You can also give your dog to Kosenamen, which would not be allowed as a first name.

Bee is very popular as a dog name.

However, trivialising names should in any case be reserved for a small animal.

After all, you don’t want to irritate the laughter muscles of passers-by when calling your dog, but just use a name that is beautiful, inconspicuous and appropriate.

The most beautiful dog names

Beautiful dog names are also those that enjoy a very high popularity.

They include Bella, Rocky, Kalle or Luna.

Latin names are very popular with dog owners.

Sometimes you get an idea of the look of the dog when you hear that it’s called Rex or Stella.

Caesar or Rufus are also very popular for a dog.

Smaller animals like pug or Lilli.

Hasso, Lassie or Beethoven are names based on well-known and famous films or series.

If you choose such a name, you will surely be advised that you could be a fan.
You should be aware of this when choosing such a name.

Rocco or Rocci are also names that are used very frequently.

They go well with male and large dogs with a very strong character.

Chicco or Chicca comes from Spanish and means boy or girl.

These dog names also fit with strong dogs rather than a small lap dog, for which this name also seems a little too strong.

Tips and tricks

  • Test the name before awarding it
  • Now you have certainly given a lot of thought and shortlisted different dog names.
  • It is advantageous if you test two or three names with different syllable combinations.
  • This can be done alone, but also together with your animal.
  • Before you buy the animal, you name up to five names for yourself.
  • You should call them and formulate some commands and prompts with which you want to raise your dog.
  • When calling, it’s best to tell if the name is easy to use or if it’s more obstructive.
  • Use these small tests to decide which names are shortlisted for you.
  • You make the final decision when you get your pet and got to know it a little bit.
  • Maybe your dog can also decide for himself by reacting immediately to one name, but not to another.

Based on these different criteria, you can then make your final decision.