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Perfect name?

Nice to have you there!

You’ve landed on name finders because you’re looking for the perfect name for your child or pet!

Here you are right, name finder offers you a huge selection of first names for your girl and boy or animal names for dogs and cats.

With a total of 36,000 names, there is certainly the right one!

Background information can be found as well as tips that fits the first name best!

And all this completely stress-free!

Enjoy browsing and discovering!


Girl name

If you are looking for the right first name for your daughter, we offer you an extensive selection.

The range of girls ‘ names ranges from A to Z.

The right maiden name is certainly there!

Boy names

Here you will find classic, modern and original boy names.

All names from A like Adrian to Z like Zacharias.

Among them lots of beautiful and spanking boy names

Dog names

Here you will find the optimal dog name for males as well as females.

We also offer you unusual dog names that respond to certain characteristics of the four-legged friend.

So you will find an individual name for your dog.

Cat names

Name finder offers you cat names, find the perfect name that fits personality to your velvet paw.

We have put together imaginative and creative cat names for you in a wide selection.

What do name-finder offer you-namen-finder.com

What does named finder offer you?

First of all, it’s all about the optimal name.

If you manage to find a good name, you can make your child or pet happy.

Name Finder is your tool to find a good sounding name!

Which suits your child or pet!

The name should be neither embarrassing nor convulsively original, neither dull nor skewering.

You will find names with character and charisma and popular first names here!


Pet names-namen-finder.com

Pet names

You can also find suitable pet names here.

You’re not going to just call your dog “dog” or just shout your cat “cat”!

We offer you countless suggestions on what the beloved four-legged friend should be called.

You’ll find plenty of names in the dog names and cat names categories.

To make your pet a family member-unmistakable and selected with a lot of love.

If you don’t have dog or cat, but you’re an animal lover! Of course, you can baptize your hamster, goldfish or bird spider.

As you know, there are no limits to naming!

We’re sure you’ll find the best name!


Name-Finder Logo-namen-finder.com

Name finder

We have long been interested in names, history and the meaning behind the single name.

This has given us the idea of collecting names, backgrounds and information.

In addition to naming children, we are also fascinated by the many names that are dedicated to dogs and cats.

With name finders, we’ve created a platform that makes it easier for you to search for real names.

Using the site is free for you.

We look forward to suggestions, wishes and criticism.